Fire Training: Keeping Your Melbourne Business Safe

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Our use of fire has been considered as a definitive property of intelligence, separating humans from other animals. In the early ages, fire provided a source of warmth, lighting, protection from predators, and a method of cooking to the early humans. The use of fire also evolved over the years. True enough, fire can be a friend and a foe.

Fires can be very dangerous and fatal when uncontrolled. Not only does it destroy properties, it can also take away lives. The workplace can be a very susceptible environment for fire to occur considering the number of people it accommodates.

Fortunately, with proper fire training and set procedures in place, the chances of keeping the workplace safe is much greater. Employees and staff members will be able to eradicate the fire, keep it from spreading and most importantly, prevent fires from occurring in the first place.

Fire Safety Training helps employees recognise fire hazards. Being able to determine and identify what could be a fire hazard is vital in understanding how to best prevent fire from occurring. Prevention is better than cure, as they say. Preventing fire in the workplace is the best way to stop it from becoming a huge problem. Teaching the workforce what are the causes of fire and their sources is a major key to prevent mishaps.

Furthermore, there are different fire training courses for employees to attend.

Fire extinguisher training covers the proper use of fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets. Knowing that correct way of operating the fire extinguisher is important. Fire extinguishers should not be used by an untrained individual because it can be dangerous.

There are different types of extinguishers designed for a certain class of fire. Not knowing which extinguisher to use in the event of fire could cause harm or injury. Australian Standards 3745-2010 or AS 3745-2010 requires all staff members to enroll in emergency response training every 2 years. FCF Melbourne offers free extinguisher training, book a course now.

Fire Wardens control the movements of people during emergency evacuation by securing the site, coordinating helpers, communicating with first responders and overseeing evacuation procedures. The Chief Warden oversees all of the wardens within the facility.

Their duty is to assume control of the occupants of the building from the time an alarm is given to the arrival of the emergency service, and until emergency service recommendation is given for building re-entry. On-site warden training covers emergency control, chief fire warden, evacuation coordination duties, fire indicator panel (FIP)/emergency warning intercommunication system (EWIS) components.

According to AS 3745-2010, key staff such as chief and deputy wardens should be trained in an evacuation coordination instruction course every year.

FCF introduces an innovative, interactive learning tool to ensure the learnt transfer of information is most effective and sustainable for our clients in the shortest amount of time. FCF now offers VR Fire Training.

Virtual reality is an ideal platform for extinguisher training retention. The virtual environment provides a realistic experience while meeting the legislation of each Australian State. Being in a Virtual World and watching the progress of an office fire in front of the user has multiple advantages of exposing the user to that situation, but also keeping the user safe.

For more information, contact FCF Melbourne. Our technicians are happy to assist you with your concerns regarding fire safety training. We also supply, install & service a wide range of fire protection equipment.

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